Flat Earth Society (YUFES)

A YUSU society dedicated to debating and exploring conspiracy theories

Who we are

We're the University of York's Flat Earth Society, or YUFES for short. We're a new society for 2019-20.

Wide coverage

Despite our name, we actually cover all conspiracy theories, ranging from alien sighting cover-ups to chemtrails.

Open to all

No matter what you think about conspiracy theories, we'll welcome you to take part in our respectful debates, discussions, and other activities. Best of all, we're one of the few free societies in the university!

Join the mailing list

Our mailing list primarily gives you information about society events, as well as opt-in newsletters about conspiracy theories.

Join the society

Joining the society gives you rights like being able to attend member-only events and being able to vote in our general meetings. It's free too!