Event Restrictions

Our purpose for processing data under this section is to ensure the safety and security of Society events.

The lawful basis we rely on for processing your personal data is our legitimate interests under article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR.

What data we collect

We need your full name and university email address.

Why we need your data

If we determine that you have become too aggressive or violent at our events or otherwise with Society members, attendees, or members of the public, we need to impose a restriction on you in accessing future events to ensure the safety of everyone. We'll document our reasons for making this decision, but we will not include any criminal conviction data in this decision.

What we do with your data

We will add you to a list of members that have a restriction and will check registrations to an event against this list.

Retention length

We will keep your personal data for up to two weeks after the restriction ends. We will notify you of the length of the restriction when we make it.

Data processors

We use the Society's account on the Union's G Suite organisation (a service operated by Google) to store the list of restrictions.