Information Sharing

Third party marketing

Except where we've otherwise said in our Privacy Hub, we do not share your data with any third parties for the purposes of direct marketing.

Third party processing

We'll use third party data processors to help us provide our services and activities, and we have entered into contracts with them to protect your personal data. These third party data processors will:

  • act on our instructions,
  • are not permitted do anything unless we have authorised it,
  • hold your data securely, and
  • keep the data for the period we tell them to.

There may be some circumstances where we have to share information, such as under a court order. We'll ensure that we have a valid reason in law to share this information (normally this will be that we have a legal obligation to share it) and document our reasons behind this.

University groups

We may share data that we've collected about you with other areas of the Union or the University of York where we are required to or determine that it is beneficial for the Society to do so. We'll document which data we've shared with these organisations.