Survey Responses

Our purpose for processing data under this section is to provide us with information about the membership of the Society so that we can better tailor events.

The lawful basis we rely on for processing your personal data is your consent under article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR.

Since we could capture any special category data under this section, in addition to our legal basis above, we process this data under article 9(2)(a). This means we need to get explicit consent from you to process this data.

What data we collect

We'll collect your views on conspiracy theories, which might therefore include political views.

Why we need your data

We want to make the Society's activities as relevant as possible to its members and to be able to provide anonymised statistics about the Society to third parties.

What we do with your data

We use this data to inform our decisions on what our events should cover, which guest speakers to bring in, and other decisions that affect what the Society activities are.

We may also anonymise responses and then aggregate them to provide a general overview of the Society to third parties. The Society will only share this information to third parties when it believes that such an action will provide a substantial benefit to the Society or its activities. Only the anonymised aggregated data will be provided to third parties.

We will not disclose this information to anyone outside of the Society's committee except where we've otherwise specified in the Privacy Hub.

Retention length

We hold this data while you're a member of the Society. After you cease being a member, we will hold this data for two more weeks.

We will still retain historical records of anonymised aggregated data, but you will not be personally identifiable from this information.

Data processors

We use the Society's account on the Union's G Suite organisation (a service operated by Google) to collect and store this information.